You Can Be Anything + Ways to Encourage #PlayAdvocates

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You Can Be Anything + Ways to Encourage

Barbie has had over 155 careers since she was “born” from Mermaid to Movie Star, Pet Vet to Police Officer, Fashionista to Fairy Princess and everything in between. No other toy represents so many different careers.

As a Girl Guide leader I’m always teaching the girls that they can be anything they want. We learn about engineering and chemistry, science and math, music and art, all without them realizing they are learning.

I’m happy to say I played with Barbies as a child and that my children play with Barbies now. The Barbie You Can Be Anything Campaign tries to do the very same thing as I do as a Girl Guide Leader, introduce children to the idea that they can be anything.

You Can Be Anything + Ways to Encourage

How Else Can You Encourage Them?

Watch Your Gender

Watch that you don’t say girl when you say secretary and nurse and boy when you say doctor and director. Sometimes you may even want to purposely say the gender that is not as common such as girl for research scientist.

Talk About Jobs

When your child shows an interest in something, show them who many different jobs there are for that interest. For example an interest in colouring could be a comic book artist, a picture book illustrator or a graphic designer.

Don’t Say No Unless Absolutely Necessary

We learn best by doing and those little experiments your child wants to do that seem weird, will help him or her learn. So say No to things such as jumping off the house with a balloon but yes ceo-barbieto playing in the mud or mixing two foods that don’t normally go together.

Barbie Careers

Check out some of these Barbie Careers that show children and especially girls that there are no limits to their potential!

CEO Barbie®

Barbie is ready to make bold business moves and strike out on her own to achieve her career dreams. Your little ones might not yet know what a CEO is, but with Barbie they’re learning that it’s an obtainable goal.

By encouraging your little ones to make believe with lots of different career options, you’re showing them that the world really is their oyster. From public relations to investment management, there’s no limit to their options!


Barbie® Careers Eye Doctor Play set

From their pediatrician to their ophthalmologist, your little one probably knows some of the different kinds of doctors. But, have your ever chatted with them about all the different medical specializations that there are?eyedoctorbarbie

From podiatrists to pediatricians, try discussing some of the different kinds of doctors and health care professionals with your little ones. You’ll open their eyes to an entire world they might not know about.

directorbarbieDirector Barbie®

Lights, camera, action! There is so much that happens behind the scenes of your little ones favourite movies.

From costume and set designers, to camera and sound technicians, and even the director, there’s a whole world for your little one to explore!

If they’re particularly interested in how their favourite movies or TV shows are made, explore all the different roles and people that are required behind the scenes.

Explain how they all come together to form a team and create an amazing end product!

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