5 Birthday Party Manners

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Birthday Party Manners Your Child Should Know

5 Birthday Party Manners Your Child Should Know

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RSVP By The Date Stated

It is bad manners to show up unannounced or to leave the host guessing. RSVP whether your child will be attending or not by the stated date. Often a host is planning food, activities or goodie bags for a certain amount of people. If you don’t RSVP and then show up you are making things difficult for the host.

Obey Gift Instructions

If you are asked to donate a book, toy or money to a charity in exchange for a present, don’t bring a present. Make sure your gift is appropriate for the age group. If you are considering a controversial gift like a toy gun or a scary movie, check with the parent first to be sure it’s okay.

Say Happy Birthday

When you arrive at the party, your child should greet the child who the party is for and wish him or her a Happy Birthday.  This can be hard for kids so you may want to practice different ways to greet a friend.

Say No Thank You If You Don’t Want a Certain Food

You don’t want your child to be the one to go “EWW Gross” when something is served do you? Teach your child ahead of time to use “Yes please” and “No thank you.” Another problem is when a child doesn’t want something and doesn’t say anything, they then waste their portion. No one likes to waste food. They should also be able to say “just a little please” if it’s something they are not used to and would like to try it.

Thank the Host

It’s imperative to thank the host for a great party, even if your child didn’t actually have fun. The host did the best they could to throw a good party. Make sure your child knows it’s not okay to say something negative about the party.

Teach your child these 5 things to have your child be a good guest at the next party he or she goes to.

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