Potty Training Tips

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Potty Training? Roundup of Tips/Advice

Potty Training Advice from the Blogosphere

Potty training is one of those things that everyone with kids has to go through in one form or another yet most if not all of us still struggle with it. I still am. So instead of offering my own advice I thought I’d share that of some of my friends. Enjoy!

General Tips

This section contains general tips on potty training. They might be personal stories or a list of tips or anything else. Whether you are just staring to think of potty training or have been at it for a while and are looking for some more tips, there is something here for you.

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Night Training

Once you get day training down pat, you will work on night training. It’s normal for this to take much longer than day training, years more in some cases. Every kid is different. My one daughter never had to night train because she never went at night, ever. In 8 years she has never gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night. My other daughter wore pullups for another year and then wore underwear but with some accidents for a few more years.

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There are tons of products out there than can be helpful for the potty training family. Potty seats, potty books, seat covers, wipes and more.

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Good Luck!

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