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The Great Canadian Blog Bash

Hello fellow Canadians!

Canada Day is coming up very soon and the way many of us Canadian bloggers celebrate is with The Great Canadian Blog Bash! This is my third year participating in TGCBB.

I live in Windsor, Ontario, the southern most city in all of Canada. In many ways this makes things very American around here. I get lots of American channels and living in a border city, there are lots of Americans visiting the city.

However that doesn’t make me any less proud to be Canadian. I have always lived in Canada and I don’t ever want to live anywhere else!

Kisses for Canada!

proud-canadian-tgcbb © Stephanie Berg |

I am proud to have worked with many Canadian brands on this blog, including P&G Canada, Kinder Canada, Canadian Beef, Burt’s Bees, Lovable Labels and more.

What Do I Love About Canada?

  • Universal Health Care
  • No Guns
  • Culture Mosaic – not Melting Pot

Three Canadian Men© Wangkun Jia |

I love Canada so much I was ecstatic when I found out my son could be featured in the Pampers O Canada Baby Commercial! It’s hard to believe this was from a year ago! They grow so fast! Doesn’t he look adorable in this Canada outfit? Here is him below, watch the video and see if you can spot him!


Celebrate Canada Day with Pampers Babies! Want a Canada outfit for your baby too? Check out my giveaway!

So are YOU from Canada? Comment and tell me why you love Canada! Share where in Canada you are too if you want!

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