Hosting a Child’s Birthday Party: 6 Things to Remember

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6 Things to Remember When Hosting a Child's Birthday Party

If you are hosting a child’s birthday party you have a long list of things to plan including the birthday party theme, cake, decorations, games and presents. However there are other considerations that are more important.

Those things mentioned above will make the birthday boy or girl happy but you also want to keep in mind your child’s guests and their parents, and keeping them happy.

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6 Things to Remember When Hosting a Child’s Birthday Party

Advanced Notice

Don’t give out invitations less than a week before the birthday. You need to give your guests and their families time to make arrangements to go, have the money and time to purchase a gift and time to RSVP. If you do it last minute, don’t expect many guests or presents.

Make Sure They Can RSVP

If you ask for an RSVP, make sure someone will be available to answer the phone number your provide or make sure you have an answering machine. If an older sibling might be answering the phone, make sure they know information about the party to relay to the parents if they have questions.There’s nothing worse then trying to RSVP and not getting an answer or call back and when you finally get a hold of someone, not having your questions answered.

Provide Details

Your invitations need to have lots of details. Time and Place are the most important. Don’t forget the birthday child’s name and age (to buy a gift and address cards) as well as details such as if a meal will be provided, if something needs to be brought/worn (like bathing suits or socks) or any special instructions (are adults expected to stay or leave?)

(more tips below)

Not Everyone Knows Everyone

Remember that if your child is inviting school friends, that there will be adults there that don’t really know you or your other guests. Introduce yourself by name and whose parent you are. Make a point to get to know them. Ask your child to introduce you to her friends. Show them where to put gifts, where drinks and snacks are and where the bathrooms are.

Make Everyone Comfortable

No one should EVER feel uncomfortable at a party you are hosting. If a bunch of you already know each other and there are some people that your child knows but are new to you, don’t sit all together at one table with the family and good friends and leave the new friends to sit all by themselves somewhere else.

Provide Alternatives.

Keep in mind that not all parents allow their children to drink pop and have alternatives such as juice or water, PLEASE. Also make sure you have allergy free options.

Keep these in mind and your party should go great!

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