REVIEW: Bright Starts Roll & Chase Bumble Bee

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When your baby gets to the stage where he or she is learning to crawl, they start to lose interest in toys that just sit there like rattles and blocks because they want to move. So they crawl around your house getting in to everything instead!

The Roll and Chase Bumble Bee from Bright Starts is the perfect type of toy for this stage. It doesn’t really roll but sort of “walks” along and plays music to entice your crawler to chase after it.  There are three buttons to push on the front and two settings (ABC and Music.) It doesn’t always move, sometimes it just plays the music so your child will have a chance to catch up to it if they are just starting out with crawling.

In my FIRST YouTube video, I demonstrate how it moves (without baby). Please excuse wiggly camera and foot as this was my first try.

My baby, while 8 months, cannot crawl yet so he doesn’t use the toy much as it wiggles away from him, but we will keep showing up and maybe one day he’ll scoot towards it!

My only recommendations for how it could be better is the buttons should be on top of the toy more, there should be more of them and they should be easier to push.

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