REVIEW: MeeWee Kid’s Hip Hop

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I’ll just quote from the MeeWee Website:

“MeeWee is fun, exciting, and uplifting Hip-Hop music for elementary school age children. Through the years, nearly all Hip-Hop music and culture has been designed for adolescents and adults. These fans now have children who love the lively and energetic songs that they hear; unfortunately, most of the lyrical content isn’t quite appropriate. Well, MeeWee solves that! With songs like “I Need A Hug”, “Us Bus”, and “I Can Be Anything”, Hip-Hop fans who are six, seven, and eight years old have cause to celebrate. So do their parents, as they get their children ready to rap and dance to the beats and rhymes of MeeWee.”

I was able to listen to the MeeWee songs and I must say, they are really cool. Some of them almost sounds like Eminem and you have to listen carefully before you realize it’s most certainly NOT Eminem. The lyrics are perfectly safe for even the youngest ears. My children are two and three but they seemed to like it. My three-year-old does seems to like all kinds of music though.

I love the Hippopotamus one. You can hear a bit of the chorus on the main page. It plays the whole of the first song and then if you double click on the title you can hear a sample of the other songs.

Are you a teacher? You’ll find MeeWee music can be used in the classroom. MeeWee has a whole teacher’s resources section.

You can buy the music on Amazon or iTunes and some other places too. Also check out the MeeWee CafePress store for t-shirts, notebooks and stickers and more.

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