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Okay so yesterday I went to Michaels (http://www.michaels.com) and spent some money on craft supplies and scrapbooking supplies. Ate lunch out and spent some quality time with my mom.

Today was good. I roleplayed for the very first time. My brother was the DM and I had a good time. I use to think roleplaying was stupid or boring but that’s because I didn’t understand it enough. It wasn’t anything like I thought it was before. The game I played was made up by my brother and is called Legends and Chronicles. The specific game I played was Celestial Traveller. My brother has a Legends and Chronicles website up. The info is mostly for the players but if you are interested in roleplaying and want to take a look, go here: http://www.geocities.com/aspectuscape/RPG.html

I wasn’t depressed at all today until after 8pm. I have cramps and got a headache and was tired so it was expected.

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