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Oops. I kinda forgot I was supposed to be posting here. I actually wrote in my regular journal a few days ago. I’ll copy some of what I put there here.

From July 14th

Dad’s (and the family’s) friend Ed passed away on July 9th. He had been quite sick for months, losing weight, not eating etc… Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. One day it was discovered that Ed had advanced Lung Cancer. I don’t think he had any therapy. It was very advanced and there wasn’t much that could be done. We were finally told of the diagnosis July 6th. 4 days later we got the call that Ed had died the day before. Mom and Dad were devastated. IT hadn’t really sunk in yet for me.

The funeral was the 12th. I was a basket case. I was crying so much and so loud that I had to leave. I couldn’t breathe and thought I was giong to puke. I went outside and the lady from the funeral home comforted me and helped me regain my breath. I missed most of it but I guess the service sucked anyway.

From July 16th

I slept over Chrissy’s house last night. It’s my second time. She lives with her boyfriend/fiancee Chris above Chris’s parents. Rent is cheaper that way. I gave Chrissy half of the best friends necklace I bought. We’re going swimming in their huge pool after Chris gets back from work. I love her dog Sheba. Sheba is very cute. She’s part lab, part shepherd. She’s very cute. Chris’ parent’s dogs are sweet. Buffy is a miniature poodle and Timmy (short for Timbit) is a toy poodle. Timmy is SO small. It’s 2:10 pm now. Chris comes home at 3:30. It’s a lot better here then at Chrissy’s grandparent’s house. She still sleeps in late but there isn’t a lot of fighting. They dno’t make her do chores while I’m over. The bathroom door locks and there are dogs. :)

Back to today:

We never did end up going swimming. Chris’s dad came home and said we couldn’t go in because he was going to clean the pool. Grr. I was so dissapointed. I did get to go swimming yesterday though. In the neighbourhood public pool. We went in the evening so there was less people and because it wasn’t sweltering hot out, the water was nice and warm. It was great.

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