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My birthday is tomorrow but I celebrated a bit today. My brother came over and we had dinner and cake. We also went for a bike ride (not my dad) I had a pretty good time. We watched a movie too, Kalifornia with Brad Pitt. It was shocking, but good. Usually with family get-togethers, there is always fighting and bickering of some sort. But we avoided that for the most part which is good.

I spent a lot of time outside in the back yard after dinner. I weeded the gardens a bit and picked some pretty clovers. Then I laid in the sun for a bit. Mom came out just after I finished weeding and hung out with me a bit. Even though I enjoyed being alone out there, I enjoyed mom being there too.

I’m going to help Tony (my brother) make a webpage for his Roleplaying games. He gave me lots of ideas of what he wants and what they are about so I can start working on them anytime. Tommorow I turn 20.

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