Chicken Parmesan Burger With Help from Loblaws #cbias #shop

When challenged to come up with the Ultimate Burger as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® I created a Chicken Parmesan Burger. I love cooking but never follow recipes exactly. I like to be creative in my cooking and I’ve always wanted to create my own recipe but had never had an idea.… Read More »

A Healthier Poutine: A Little Bit Healthier, Still Delicious! #pgmom

I LOVE Poutine, but it’s SO unhealthy. Actually I’m picky with my poutine, I prefer it certain ways and I won’t eat it from just any restaurant. So when I was given the challenge of creating my own poutine dish and cleaning up afterwards with Dawn Dish Soap as part of being a P&G Mom,… Read More »

Cheesy Potato Bacon Breakfast Casserole with Cavendish From the Farm

I am a big lover of potatoes and french-fries, I can literally never get enough. I like them almost any way and I love finding new ways to cook them. This recipe for Cheesy Potato Bacon Breakfast Casserole is from the Cavendish website and uses one of their new potato products in the From the… Read More »

Creative Cooking: Cook Without Recipes – Lasagna

I am a self taught cook mostly. I learned some basics from my mother and some more from my in laws when they were alive. The rest I taught myself. I’ve gotten better and better over the years, mostly from practicing, reading cookbooks and cooking how-to’s, watching videos online and the food network. Even when… Read More »