Computer Applications Course

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FundaFunda Academy has a Self-Paced Computer Applications Course and my son (age 12) is doing it this year for homeschool.

Disclosure: I received access to this course in exchange for an honest review.

FundaFunda Academy Self Paced Computer Applications Course

FundaFunda Academy has a lot of courses to choose from on a variety of topics. There are self paced courses such as high school health, theatre, middle school anatomy, photography and of course computer applications.

There are also online semester courses such as biology, independent honors English, economics, ecology, forensic science and more. The computer applications course is available as self paced or not.

The self paced Computer Applications course is a full year course.

Description: It is no longer enough for students to just know how to use a word processor, spreadsheet and create slideshows. There are a vast number of tools now being used regularly at college and in the work place that students should be comfortable using. This course  in digital literacy will start with the basics but will also cover Evernote, Google Drive and other Google tools, graphics and movie creation, project management tools, and many other software applications.

Students will learn to work in an online environment – something which is becoming more and more common in the workplace. And they will learn how to conduct effective searches, spot online scams, evaluate online sources and more.

Self Paced Computer Applications Course

So how is it going? Well my almost teen son “knows everything” about computers and his viewpoint is whatever he doesn’t yet know how to use, he will never need. Teens! However I’m glad he is taking this course because in reality, we don’t know what will come in handy in the future. Some of these tools may not be around anymore in the future of course but knowing how to use them can help make learning new tools easier as well.

I like the layout of the course, each module is a different tool. He learns what he needs to know and then puts it into practice. The course incorporates reading, watching videos and of course using the tools themselves.

The course comes with a grading document so if you are keeping track of grades you can keep them all in one place.

Check out the course.

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