AbleLingo ASL Courses

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Two of my daughters are learning ASL (American Sign Language) this year and we are using AbleLingo. Have you heard of AbleLingo? Keep reading to learn more.

Disclosure: We received access to these courses in exchange for our honest opinion.

Our Review of Able Lingo ASL Courses

Able Lingo ASL Courses

Each course consists of video lessons around a specific topic. Each of the titles listed in the image above is a separate course. You can purchase the courses you are interested in separately OR you can purchase the ASL Bundle which includes over 35 courses. More courses are still being added. With the ASL Bundle you will have access to all new ones too.

You can do the courses in any order so if you are beginner you can start with the fingerspelling and other basics if you want or you can jump right in to the full words in any topic that interests you. It’s up to you.

What I especially like is the ease of use of the courses. There’s no complication on where to go to find what you want or what to do when you’re done that lesson. It’s SUPER easy. You can see in the image below how easy it is to navigate. Each of the courses is set out like this.

Using AbleLingo

So it’s easy to use and laid out well but that does provide some problems if you need structure. This isn’t ideal for you if you require a course that tells you exactly how much to do, from what lesson, on what day. You have to decide which one to do, in what order, and for how long each day.

For my grade 4, she is just doing some ASL 3 days a week when she feels like it, I’m not pushing it as it was her idea. For my grade 11 though, we are using it as a course for a credit so she will be doing it every day next semester for at least 45 minutes each day. I will add projects and extras if needed. You won’t find lessons on ASL history or deaf culture here. So if you are looking for that you’ll have to supplement. However I still prefer this type of course to others we have tried for ease of use.

My grade 4 can navigate the course all on her own. I can’t give my grade 11’s thoughts yet as she starts next semester as I mentioned. However I’m sure she will like that she can choose what to learn as she knows a lot already.

AbleLingo also has a daily quiz and some merch you can buy. Finally they offer one of their courses for FREE right now. You can access the 100% off coupon through here.

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