180 Days of Geography

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Looking for an open and go workbook for geography for your homeschool or for extra study? 180 Days of Geography has workbooks for grades Kindergarten to Grade 6. There are other subjects as well from Reading to Science to Math.

Disclosure: I was given the 180 Days of Geography Grade 6 book to review from the company.

180 Days of Geography Grade 6

180 Days of Geography Grade 6

The book is designed to be completed every school day for 180 days. So if your school year is less days or you don’t want to do geography every day you can either make it last more than one year or double up on lessons.

I asked for Grade 6 to use this year for my Grade 7 son but changed my mind to doing geography together with my grade 4. But I’m saving it to use for my youngest when she is in grade 6 as my son will be in highschool by then.

The book covers the geography themes of Location, Place, Human-Environment Interaction, Region and Movement. Topics include Map Skills, Reading Maps, Geography and Me, Creating Maps and there is parts to read and think about different aspects of geography. There are answer keys, maps and rubrics at the back.

You can download sample pages from the website.

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