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If you are a homeschooling parent or teacher, you will want to hear about My Teaching Library. It’s a website where you can find teaching resources to use in your school or home.

You can pay for each resource you would like individually or you can pay one yearly fee and download as many resources as you want during that time.

Disclosure: I was given access to My Teaching Library in exchange for a review of the website. This post contains paid links.

My Teaching Library

I’ve been using My Teaching Library (MTL) for the past few months, getting ready for our new homeschool year. So I haven’t used the materials with my kids yet but I’ve downloaded what looks good and filed it away to use it.

Here’s my thoughts on the website.


  • The subscription makes it easy to pay once and download as much as you want, as you need it during the year.
  • There’s a variety of resources from full curriculum to worksheets to lapbooks to puzzles.
  • The resources are for grades PreK to Grade 12. It’s hard to find resources for highschool.
  • New things are being added all the time. The newsletter will tell you what’s been added so you don’t miss it.
  • There are freebies!


  • The website could be organized better (but it’s in the process of being done.)
  • Some of the resources are simply designed.

I’ve downloaded a Biology unit, novel studies, Christmas Jeopardy, Marine Science Study, Health Curriculum, Notebooking Unit Study and more.

With the All Access Pass though you don’t have to pay every time you want something. One price for the year and you can download things as you need. Keep in mind though that with the memberships, you can only use the things you download while you have an active membership. This is because you are renting the products, not buying them. New resources are added every month and with the pass you can download them as soon as you find out about them via the email newsletter.

Check out My Teaching Library to see some of their resources and see if the All Access Pass would be good for you.

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