Angus is Here

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Did your child recently lose a beloved dog? Angus is here might be the book you didn’t know you needed.

Angus is Here

Angus is Here by Hadley Dyer

Summary: A young child navigates grief after losing a beloved family pet and learns what it means for a loved one’s presence to remain even after they are gone.

Angus may be gone, but memories of him are still here: his tail wagging under the dinner table, his nails clicking on the floor, and his hopeful sniff when snacks are being prepared. Angus’s presence is felt everywhere, until one day . . . it’s not.

In this poignant and beautiful picture book, a child journeys through grief and learns how to keep memories of a beloved dog close.

Angus is Here is a cute book with a sad storyline but it’s perfect for making children feel better about losing a pet. It’s a hard subject but it tackles it well. The child learns that our dogs are always in our hearts and what he can do to keep his dog in his memories.

It says the book is for ages 4-7 but it would work for slightly older kids too. Or as may be the case, for more than one child at the same time as you would need if you lost a family dog. I wish I had this book months ago. We lost a family pet and my 9 year old is struggling, but she’s doing better now and so I’m afraid to show her this book unless she brings it up on her own. Then I’ll show her the book. This is better for fresh losses.

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