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Homeschoolers LOVE books, we just do. So when I heard about a cool book called Killer Underwear Invasion I just had to have it.

My review is coming on my nonfiction book blog but in the meantime I wanted to share about the book, plus another book, plus a resource for outdoor play. Then I’ll giveaway the combo to one lucky Canadian.

If you aren’t Canadian, you can’t win but you CAN still get these items for yourself. I’ll include links to buy from Amazon but check your local book stores too.

*Disclaimer: I received these items for review and giveaway. Affiliate links included

Killer Underwear Invasion! by Elise Gravel

Killer Underwear Invasion!

The subtitle of this book is How to Spot Fake News, Disinformation & Conspiracy Theories. It’s a great children’s nonfiction book for teaching your children about fake news. It’s published by Chronicle Books.

It’s great for ages 6+, especially 8+. I plan to read it to my kids when we do media literacy.

I shared a bit of a flip through at the beginning of this video.

Buy Killer Underwear Invasion from

Front Country by Sara St. Antoine

Front Country by Sara St. Antoine

Front Country is a children’s novel for ages 10 and up.

This would make a good read aloud or required reading.

Here is some of what it says on Amazon:

My Side of the Mountain meets Greta Thunberg in this heartfelt, exciting novel about one girl’s growing awareness of herself, the world, and the relationship between the two. 
The world is not okay. Now what?

Ginny Shepard is glad to be in Montana for a month of backcountry camping before she starts high school. The world is on fire. That’s the awful truth. And Ginny would much rather be hiking in the mountains than doing the summer college prep classes her parents think will help her future. Because, the future? Who even knows what that is anymore.

But once Ginny gets to camp, things get complicated fast. She meets her tripmates: five challenging, rebellious, tech-addicted boys. And she finds out TrackFinders is designed for kids who need extra “support.” Instead of feeling free as a bird, Ginny feels trapped . . . and betrayed.
As her friendships with her fellow campers deepen on the trail, though, Ginny starts to see new sides of them—and of herself. Maybe out here in the backcountry she’ll actually find what she needs to face the front country again.

Set in Montana’s sweeping alpine wilderness, this epic adventure captures the tremendous heartbreak of realizing the world isn’t okay at all and shows how that knowledge, and what we choose to do with it, shapes us into who we are.

Buy Front Country from

50 Games to Play Outside

50 Games to Play Outside

This is NOT a book but a little tin with cards in it. Each card has a cool game to play outside with your kids. These are not your obvious ones like hide and go seek or tag.

Some of the game names are: World Traveler, Traffic, Balance Relay, Fairyland and Makeshift Band.

These are all screen free games that can be played with any number of kids. Designed for ages 5+.

Buy 50 Games to Play Outside at


One lucky Canadian (age 18+) will win a copy of:

  • Killer Underwear Invasion!
  • Front Country
  • 50 Games to Play Outside

To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below for your main entry and there are extra entries you can claim.

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