Spelling Resources from Twinkl

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Are you looking for spelling resources for homeschooling or teaching that are free or cheap? Here are 10 FREE and 10 PREMIUM spelling resources from Twinkl. Keep reading to find out how to get a premium resource for FREE.

20 Free and Premium Spelling Resources from Twinkl.ca and How to Access Premium Resources for Free

Disclosure: I work with Twinkl to help promote their website however I genuinely LOVE their site and I recommended it before the partnership. You will love it too.

Spelling Resources from Twinkl

The resources linked below are to the Canadian Twinkl website but Twinkl has a website for the US and many other countries as well. Go to twinkl.ca and scroll down the the very bottom to find your countries website. Search for the same or similar resources on your local site.

10 FREE Spelling Resources

These resources are 100% free, you just have to create an account.

  1. Play-Doh Spelling Rules Mat 1 – to be used with Play-Doh
  2. Alternative Spellings for I – the I sound can be written a few different ways
  3. Alternative Spellings for AIR – the AIR sound can be written a few different ways
  4. Phase 3 Spelling Activity – many worksheets with a few words each page
  5. French Phonics Sound and Spelling: a – working on French phonics and spelling?
  6. Spell the Holiday While Connecting the Dots – spell holiday words
  7. a-e or i-e Split Digraph Worksheet – practice words with these split digraphs
  8. Year 2 Plan-It Spelling Planning Pack – plan your spelling lessons for the year
  9. Spelling Game to Support Teaching on The Very Hungry Caterpillar – spelling games are fun
  10. Orchard Toys – Word Jigsaws Matching Game – spelling games are fun remember?

10 PREMIUM Spelling Resources

You can get some of these for free by subscribing to their newsletter! Every few newsletters contains a link to download a premium resource for free!

  1. Year 3 Correct the Spelling Mistakes – correct the mistakes
  2. Third Grade Sight Words Cloze Activity – fill in the blanks
  3. CVC Beginning and Ending Sounds – practice your cvc words
  4. ng Digraphs Cut and Paste Activity – cut and paste the phonemes together
  5. ng Phoneme Spotter Short Story – read a story and have them spot the ng words
  6. Tricky Words Worksheet – practice some tricky words
  7. Spelling Practice Chart – keep track of when you practice
  8. Pyramid Spelling Worksheet – do pyramid spelling practice with your words
  9. Write It Draw It Use It Spelling Worksheet – a few ways to practice your spelling words
  10. Spelling Grid Selection – a choice board with a few choices for each day of the week

Make sure you check out your local Twinkl for these resources and thousands more!

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