Chemistry with Creation Crate

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Another resource we have been using for homeschool highschool is Chemistry with Creation Crate. Creation Crate is a website that sells STEM boxes in the categories of Chemistry, Engineering, Electronics Beginner and Electronics Challenger.

A review of Chemistry with Creation Crate - a kit subscription full of chemistry experiments and including a digital classroom.
*Lab Coat NOT included in Creation Crate.

This post sponsored by Creation Crate. All opinions are honest.

Chemistry with Creation Crate

As stated above, you can pick from Chemistry, Engineering and Electronics Beginner or Challenger. We chose Chemistry because that is one of the courses my highschooler is doing this year for homeschool.

What is Chemistry with Creation Crate

Once you choose Chemistry, you can choose to get a new kit each month or the whole kit of 20 experiments. If you choose the individual experiments they will send you a starter kit box and the first box with two experiments. The next months you will receive just the next box with two experiments. With the purchase of the whole kit, you get 10 boxes with two experiments each and the starter kit.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a homeschool curriculum however it can be used as a supplement. We are using it for the lab part of our course. It is designed for ages 10+ but can absolutely be used be teens and even adults so don’t think it’s just for kids. It’s for anyone who wants to experiment with chemistry.

The Chemistry Starter Kit

Choose Your Plan

You can choose from two plans. You can pay a fee each month (plus a fee for starter kit just the first time) and receive two experiments a month for 10 months. Alternatively, you can purchase the whole kit all at once for a one time fee which gives you the starter kit for free. The whole 20 experiments and the starter kit will be shipped to you at once. This is a good plan if you can pay all at once as you save on the starter kit and you only have to wait for the mail once.

Not Just Experiments

Creation Crate is not just experiments or projects. Each kit comes with access to the digital classroom. Going through the classroom will give you access to everything you need to do the experiment but also SO much more. The first section always starts a review of safety procedures and a list of what is included in your kit that you’ll need and if there is anything not included that you need. This is rare and is mostly things like a pot, water or a lighter. However once we needed a lemon. Also included is a video of the teacher performing the experiment so you can see what to expect as well as step by step instructions to follow along with.

The best part is the lesson itself though. Whatever you or your child are learning specifically, the classroom will teach about that topic through videos and some text. It includes parts for your child to submit answers, photos of their experiment or diagrams they have created. Occasionally there are bigger projects your child can do and submit as well. It takes some time but someone will eventually look over their work and approve it.

This is a look at the digital classroom that is included with Chemistry Creation Crate.
A Peek Inside the Creation Crate Classroom

Unboxing Video

I did a video on my Youtube Channel Bailey Academy showing what we received in our kit if you’d like to see first hand what comes in the mail.


So what about the experiments? What are they like? We’ve done 10 experiments of the 20 so far so we are half way through. I love that they didn’t just start you off with something boring because it’s your first experiment. You get to use real chemicals and real metals and electricity and more to try new things.

Some of the experiments include burning magnesium to make your flame a different colour, making a battery out of a lemon, foil etching, blowing a candle out with a bang (NOTE: this was a BIG reaction. Fun but loud) and magic liquid. You can see all the experiments on this page at the bottom.

Using Metals and Chemicals in the Right Way to Make the Attached Buzzer Sound

Fun With Chemistry

I am so glad we got to experience Creation Crate. If my children are interested in Engineering or Electronics in the future I can see us using Creation Crate again. To be honest, it is a bit pricey but so far it’s been worth every penny. For the quality of the experiments, everything that is included and the amazing classroom experience, it is worth it.

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