Top 10 Free Resources from Twinkl

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My favourite homeschooling resource is Twinkl! The resources are the best I’ve seen and are clear and easy to understand, come in a variety of printing options and have such a large selection. There are free resources and premium resources. However the premium resources are priced well (I spend more a day than it costs per month.) Also you can get premium resources for free by joining their newsletter.

In this post I want to share My Top 10 Free Resources from Twinkl. I partnered with Twinkl for this post but I’ve used Twinkl on my own from very beginning of my Homeschooling Journey. I’m so impressed. Oh and it’s not just for homeschoolers, it’s actually designed for teachers. So if you teach in a school, you can use these too.

 10 Free Resources from Twinkl.

My Top 10 Free Resources from Twinkl

(in no particular order)

  1. Pencil Control Activity Booklet – for the beginning writer, this activity book will help your child learn to trace lines and move their pencil in many ways.
  2. Daily Number Math Sheet – either pick a number each day or use the school day # (day 1, day 5, day 20 etc.) and have your child complete this sheet that has them do things such as spell the number, make a number bond, find 1 more etc. There are differentiated sheets (for different math levels)
  3. Egg Science Experiments – Instructions for some egg experiments that would be fun to do.
  4. Introduction to Pythagoras’ Theorem in 2D Shapes – sometimes teaching complicated math concepts in homeschool is hard. This set of resources includes a teaching guide, PowerPoint and worksheets.
  5. Indigenous Teaching Resources Pack – this big pack has lots of resources including PowerPoints, worksheets, reading comprehension and colouring pages.
  6. Figurative Language – this pack helps your student to learn the different figurative languages (similes, metaphors, alliteration, hyperbole etc.) This can be complicated and children and adults often mix these up.
  7. Special Education Resources Pack – got a unique learner? This pack is designed for special education but could be useful for many children.
  8. Harry Potter: If I Were a Hogwarts Professor Activity – we used this when studying the Harry Potter books. After the first book when we’d been introduced to the teachers we drew and described ourselves as professors. (there are lots of HP free activities!)
  9. Equality PowerPoint – a good lesson for any student is what equality is and how our differences are a good thing. This PowerPoint can help.
  10. Reading Comprehension Resource Pack – a few reading comprehension lessons in one. A good way to see the way reading comprehension looks on Twinkl.

To see what else is free, search for something and then on the left is a checkbox area where you can check a certain age group. At the bottom of that is a place to select free as well. There is TONS!

Happy Schooling!

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