My Cleaning Routine – Make Your Own

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I’ve tried many different version of a cleaning routine over the years and none of them have stuck. FlyLady worked for a while, then it didn’t. I have trouble doing something long enough for it to become a routine that’s a part of everyday life. I’m going to share with you my new cleaning routine.

My Cleaning Routine

In 2017 I made a cleaning routine of my own in my bullet journal but I fell out of using it. I edited it and updated it for this year and I’m trying again. So far it’s working for me. I can’t claim yet that it’s working long term. However I do think that the trick to getting a cleaning routine to work for you is to adjust it to fit your needs. Following a routine that has a day for cleaning the garage or master bathroom isn’t going to work for me because I don’t have either. I do have what we call a back room though and that’s not normally included in routines you find.

Here is my current routine. I have sections for daily chores, weekly chores, monthly chores and quarterly chores. Each Friday I do the monthly chore and each 4th Friday I do the quarterly chore. In my version, you don’t check off as you go because I use the same routine each week/month. However you can make yours however you want. A quick google search shows many different versions, many of which are more artistic than mine. Be as artistic or simple as you want.

Here is my new cleaning routine for a new year. Here's how to make your own, tailor made for your house and family.

When making your own cleaning routine, keep in mind the size of your family and home. If you have more than one fridge you might want to do them on the same day or different days. You might want the fridge cleaned out once a month, quarterly or weekly. A family of 2 needs to clean their fridge less often than a family of 8.

I know a lot of people mop daily and that’s fine. That’s the beauty of this routine, you can make it however you want.

When Did I Last

This is another part of my cleaning pages. When Did I Last helps you keep track of those chores you do 4 times a month or less like changing toothbrushes, flipping mattresses or bathe the cat. Again some of these you might want on your monthly or quarterly list. You’ll notice I have some blank spots. Those were things I moved to my regular cleaning routine so I left them blank(ish) till I think of something else. The lines are for you to mark down the date you did them.

Here is my new cleaning routine for a new year. Here's how to make your own, tailor made for your house and family.

So that is what I’m using this year. I hope it goes well. Do you have a cleaning routine?

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