Punch Pro #CRHGG21

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Looking for a way to get your young kids more active? Actively Kids has just the perfect product for you then. Introducing the Punch Pro.

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this post.

Actively Kids Punch Pro

Does your child need to burn energy? Learn hand eye coordination? Release Anger? Increase Strength? The Punch Pro can do all of that!


  • Can be used Indoors or Out
  • Mounted on a weighted base (fill with sand or water)
  • Around 5 feet in height (160 cm)
  • You can buy boxing gloves too
  • When you punch or kick it, it bounces back to you for the next one
  • Can be used for many ages. I’d recommend ages 3-12 however teens and adults could use it too.

You can use it wherever: house, yard, garage, school gym, anywhere!

My 7 year old an 10 year old are going to love this.

Check out the Actively Kids website or Instagram to see their other products or photos of kids using them. They have more toys to keep your kids active, toys to keep your child’s mind active and fidget toys too.

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