How to Find Press Contacts

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This post is for fellow bloggers or website owners who are wanting to find press contacts. I share how I find press contacts when I want to reach out to a company. I will also share other ways of finding a contact if those ways fail. Finally I’ll give some advice on the actual email you send.

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This is for bloggers who want to find press contacts. I share how I find press contacts and I'll give some advice on what to say.

How to Find Press Contacts

The Basics

If you don’t already know, most companies have multiple emails for different types of contacts. They may have a support email for customers, a general info line, a distributors email and a press contact. You CAN contact a company with their general info email or contact form. However you are more likely to get an answer if you can email the right person directly.

If you are a blogger looking to work with a company (reviews, giveaways, brand ambassador, sponsored posts etc.) then you want the PRESS or MEDIA or PR contacts. The page with that contact might say any of those words or Newsroom.

Another thing to understand that even an email like is a general email. This is better than a very basic email like Specific employees usually have their own specific emails though like or

If you are asking for books, you will need to look up the publisher and check their website for their Press, Media or PR Contact as shown below. Sometimes you can find press releases from publishers. It doesn’t have to be for the book you are interested in. Just the right publisher or imprint.

Places to Find Contacts

There are multiple ways to find press contacts.

#1 The Website

The first place I look is the company website. You want to look at the BOTTOM of the page to see if they have a media, press or PR page. Start with that. If they do, go there and look around. Sometimes they have a press contact stated obviously. Many times this is a general press line like but it’s a good choice if you end up not finding anything more specific. If not, try the contact page. Sometimes they have specific emails for different types of contact like support or press.

e.g. I went to the Aldi website and at the bottom was a link to their newsroom. Then there was a link off that to media inquires. There I found an email.

#2 Press Releases

This is the best way to find a specific person to email. If the website wasn’t helpful or was just a generic email, I search for press releases. Sometimes websites have press releases but these ones don’t generally have contact info. I search “company name press release” on Google and look for a site like or another press release website. Go to the MOST RECENT press release from that company and scroll to the bottom. There should be press contacts. Why the most recent? Contacts change as people change jobs. You need the most recent contact person. Even if the press release is not for the type of thing you are looking for, it’s still the right contact. In the example below the press release is about money, not products, but it still gives the right contact.

e.g. I went to and scrolled to the very bottom. They have a media center page. On that is a link to their newsroom and there they had press releases. At the bottom of one of the releases was a media contact.

e.g. Searching for Best Buy Press Release led me to their newsroom. This contains a general press email to try. The email button leads to (I’m in Canada.) This is good but we can do better. Going back to the search results and scrolling down leads me to this press release site. On the right side is a media contact. They are more often at the bottom. The press release is from this year although a few months old. If I can find a more recent one even better. If not, this will do. If that person is no longer there, it might bounce back. However many times it just gets forwarded to the newest PR person.

#3 Website Chats

Some websites have chat boxes in the bottom right corner usually. They allow you to chat instantly or almost instantly with someone from the company. I’ve used these a few times to ask for a press contact. It works pretty well. I just say I have a media inquiry and is there a press contact I could use for my message.

e.g. I wasn’t getting through to so I clicked on the chat icon and sent a message. I got a response a little later with a specific email I could send my message too.

#4 Social Media

Most companies have social media sites now a days. Press contact aren’t usually listed on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. However you can send them a DM/PM and ask for the proper contact or ask them to contact you. Not every company checks their messages but it’s worth a try if everything above has failed.

Make sure you have the official account. On Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you want to look for the blue checkmark to make sure you have an official account.

You will also want to try Linkedin. This is a social media website designed for companies. If you don’t already have a profile, sign up and fill in your profile with important information. Search for the company you are looking for and send them a message. Same as before, ask for a press contact for your media inquiry.

Tips for Reaching Out

  • Email from a blog email if possible. or is best. is also fine. But I don’t recommend something like or
  • Your subject line should read “Media Inquiry – Product Name or Your Blog Name” or “Review Request – Book Name” for book reviews.
  • Keep it short but give the basic information. They should at least know who you are, where you are from and what you are proposing. You can give details if they contact you back. If it’s too long, they may just ignore it.
  • Be professional. Use Hello instead of Hi or their name if you know it. If they respond back with Hi or Hey, than it’s okay to use that too. Follow their lead. No coloured backgrounds or music playing or crazy fonts or font colours. Don’t use too many !!!!
  • Do NOT CC or BCC the same message to tons of people. It’s okay to use the same basic message but it should be slightly tailored to each person and sent separately. I have a generic formula I follow but I always change it a little for each message.
  • Try to insert a compliment but make it true. “Our family uses your shampoo every time we shower, it’s the only one that works.” “We’ve been Netflix fans for years!” “My daughter has been asking for an LOL Doll since she saw the ad on TV.”
  • Don’t be greedy. Ask for one or two products. Or ask what they are promoting currently. Make sure what you are offering is fair.
  • If you are asking for a fee, make sure you state that. Make sure you sound firm but that so firm they think you aren’t willing to negotiate. Try, “My fee for a sponsored post or review is $200” or “I generally charge $100 to host a giveaway so let me know if that’s something you’re interested in.
  • You don’t have to offer all your stats upfront. I usually don’t include any and I still get people working with me. If they ask, then be honest. You don’t want to get caught in a lie. If your numbers are low, don’t worry. Some companies won’t work with you, but many will. If you want to give a number, choose your best.
  • Be willing to compromise. I usually give an idea of what I had in mind but add that I’m willing to discuss options.
  • End with something like, “Thanks for Your Consideration” or “Thanks. I hope to hear from you soon either way.”
  • Wait at least 2 weeks before following up. Don’t follow up more than twice.

Sample Emails

Subject: Media Inquiry (Holiday Gift Guide 2021)

Hello Amy,

My name is Kathleen Bailey and I’m from It’s a Canadian based blog where I write about and review products/services on Parenting/Family, Pets, Health, Entertainment and Lifestyle.

I saw an ad for your new toys this season and I wanted to reach out and see if you were interested in working on a collaboration. In exchange for a XOX Robot being sent to me to keep I will review it honestly on my blog and share to all my social media channels.

Thanks for your consideration.

Kathleen Bailey


Subject: Media Inquiry (Mastercraft)


My name is John Doe and I’m from It’s a blog where I talk tools and show fun projects. I use Mastercraft tools all the time and I wanted to get in touch with you regarding a possible ambassadorship. I think I would be the perfect guy to be a Brand Ambassador for Mastercraft. I’ve used your tools for years and regularly add to my collection.

What I’m looking for is access to brand news and to be sent new products to try out and review on my blog and social media channels. Your products will be featured to over 10k tool loving fans on Facebook. I would include links to the Mastercraft website in all my posts and links to buy the tools on Amazon as well. I will feature Mastercraft tools in my Instagram posts showing our newest projects.

Take a look at my website and let me know what you think. Thanks.

John Doe


Subject: Review Request (Amazing Animals by Jane Doe)

Hello Mary,

I am Kathleen Bailey from, a blog full of book reviews for the nonfiction lover.

I heard about Amazing Animals by Jane Doe and I wanted to see if you were interested in getting a book review on the blog in exchange for a physical copy of the book to keep. All reviews are honest and are shared on Goodreads as well as social media.

I’ve included my address in case you want to go ahead with the review. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kathleen Bailey
555 Not My Real Address St.
City, Province POSTAL CODE


Kathleen Bailey


I hope that was helpful. If you use these techniques and still can’t find a press contact, shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do. Also let me know if you have any more questions about finding specific contacts or contacting them.

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