Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

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First a quick explanation of how we ended up with the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer and then a review of how it works.

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this post. This post contains affiliate links.

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

A few months ago my teenage daughters were constantly using my (very old) blender to make cold drinks and using up all the cups to drink them. So I suggested they get a bullet blender. We saw that Hamilton Beach had some on sale so we managed to get the LAST two.

The kids loved them so much I decided to contact Hamilton Beach to see if they wanted to work together. They sent me their 7-speed Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer to try out and review.

A review of the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

As you can see above, it comes with the stand, a 4-quart stainless steel bowl, three attachments and a splash guard. The mixer has 7 settings from stirring to whipping.

You can see two of the attachments on the counter. The other one is a whisk and is attached to the mixer in the picture. The splash guard slides over the bowl to help minimize splashing from mixing. There is a spout to add small amounts of ingredients like vanilla or egg without having to stop the mixer and lift it up.

A review of Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer. Shown here is adding eggs through the splash guard while the mixer is running.

The Best Features

The feature I love the best about it is it has suction cups on the bottom of the machine. This sticks it to your counter so it doesn’t move around while it’s mixing. It’s best if your counters are clean for this to work. With freshly cleaned counters it stuck so well I could barely get it unstuck.

The second best feature was the fact that the stainless steel bowl is able to lock into place. There is nothing worse than mixing and having your bowl spinning around in place. There is no danger of that happening with the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer.

One thing that annoys me with most mixers is that they just sit in one place and mix the middle of the bowl only. This stand mixer spins around to different parts of the bowl. So it doesn’t just mix the middle.

Finally the handle on the top of it makes it super easy to pick up and put away. Just put all the attachments in the bowl, lock it in place, add the splatter shield and you can move the whole thing anywhere you want.

Baking With the Stand Mixer

After making banana muffins, my daughter made dairy-free chocolate chip cookies herself. She is 13 years old and was able to operate the machine all on her own with no problems.

When they came out of the oven, the chocolate bits were melty so she spread them around with her finger to make funny faces.

You can find the mixer in stores and also I found the blue one on Amazon.

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