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Superluminous is a picture book by Annick Press, one of my favourite publishers.

Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review. This post contains affiliate links.

Superluminous by Ian De Haes

Summary: Nour has a superpower: she glows. Her light shines so bright, she feels like a star in the night sky. But when kids at school notice her glow, they’re not impressed. If she had a real superpower, they say, she could fly or turn invisible. So Nour stops feeling special. And as her light dims, her world darkens . . . until a nighttime cry from her baby sister shows her how powerful her glow can be.

Ian De Haes’s heartfelt story and radiant illustrations highlight themes of self-confidence, bravery, empathy, and the imaginative power of a strong female protagonist—whose name means light in Arabic.


I think I understand the premise of the book which is about a few things but I found it to be a little too confusing for children. My kids didn’t get it. I believe the story is trying to show that we all have something inside of us that is better if we share with others and not try to hide who we are. Also it touches briefly on what makes a superhero a superhero.

If you and your children like or understand stories that don’t spell it out completely what it’s about and instead allow you to discuss and come up with your own takeaways, this book is for you. Personally I prefer my picture books more cut and dried.

The illustrations are beautiful and the star of the book. It’s nice to read a book that features a non-white female lead as well. So kudos for that.

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