Ranger Rob Loves Earth Day

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Ranger Rob is a kids cartoon from Treehouse (CAN) and Universal Kids (US) and he really cares about the Earth. April is Earth Month and April 22 is Earth Day and Ranger Rob and his friends want me to share his Earth-Saving Tips and some ideas to celebrate Earth Day. The show is for kids ages 2-11 and follows 10 year old Ranger Rob around Big Sky Park as he explores nature and helps his family run the park.

Celebrate Earth Day with Ranger Rob

Disclosure: We received some Ranger Rob items in exchange for this post. 

Celebrate Earth Day

Did you know that 2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day? As I’m writing this, most of the world is cooped up in their homes waiting out Covid-19 but you can still celebrate Earth Day. Below I’ve included some ideas but please be sure to follow all rules in your area.

If you are allowed to go outside:

  • Spruce up your yard and garden. Plant some seeds or just make what you have look nicer. Water the yard if it hasn’t been raining and teach your children the basics of gardening.
  • Spend the day playing outdoors. See how many hours you can spend outdoors. Only go in for bathroom breaks or to get food/drinks.
  • Check your recycle bins and see if they are working for you. If not, order more or make a note to order more when you are able. Write your address on the ones you have and make sure you know how to properly reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Check out this post on How to Encourage Kids to Spend More Time Outdoors.

If you must stay indoors or just want to:

  • Have your children try the Ranger Rob Earth Month Checklist (PDF). Ranger Rob wants to see how many of these tasks you can check off before the end of April!
  • Watch a show such as a nature documentary together or nature related cartoons such as Ranger Rob.
  • Follow @RangerRobTV on Facebook or @rangerrobtv on Instagram!
  • Make a nature craft. I’m sure you can find tons of ideas but try the one we did, making our own flowers out of egg cartons. It’s so simple. Just trim egg carton cups to look like flowers. Poke a hole in the bottom with scissors. Let your child paint or draw on them to decorate them and then give them a pipe cleaner to stick up from the bottom. Curl into a circle inside and then gather them up and put them into a vase. Super easy! If you don’t have any pipe cleaners, try kebab sticks or pencils with the tips up.Egg Carton Flower Craft for Earth Day
  • Order these Ranger Rob toys from Toys R Us for your little ranger. Both the Ranger Rob plush and a 4 pack of Ranger Rob figurines can be found at Toys R Us.

    Ranger Rob Toys from Toys R Us

 Happy Earth Day!

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