*Unboxing* Kitten Catfe Toys from Jakks Pacific #KittenCatfe

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My daughter Aria loves the new trend of toys that have blind bags so you don’t know exactly what you have until you open it all up. She loves the surprise she gets when she finally has everything all opened up. We recently were introduced to a new kind from Jakks Pacific called Kitten Catfe toys.

Disclosure: We received toys from Jakks Pacific to try out and play with and to do an unboxing video with. All opinions are ours and are honest. 

Playing With Kitten Catfe Toys from Jakks Pacific plus Unboxing Video

Unboxing video BELOW!

Kitten Catfe has a variety of toys but the main ones are these Purrista Girls cups. Each one contains a Purrista doll with accessories and a “tea bag” that you can dissolve in water to reveal a cute toy that you can use when you pretend to drink tea. The cup it comes in can be used for real as long as it’s for cold liquids only.

Kitten Catfe Toys from Jakks Pacific

There are also plush toys and these cute little Meowable Yarn Ball Bracelets. It comes with a charm and three ribbons tied together. You braid the ribbons and add the charm to make your own bracelet. I taught my daughter how to braid while she made it and then I used a fisherman’s knot to tie it together so she can make it bigger or smaller as she puts it on or takes it off.

Kitten Catfe Meowable Bracelet

Kitten Catfe Unboxing Video

Here is our VERY FIRST unboxing video ever. It’s a bit rough around the edges but I think we did pretty good considering it’s our first and I’m using a cell phone camera. We would LOVE it if you’d click through to the video when you are done watching and give it a like, subscribe or comment.

Thanks for visiting! You can get Kitten Catfe Toys at most places that sell toys in Canada and the US.

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