Frozen 2 Personalized Book

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A company called In the Book makes personalized books for kids and they have one out now that your kids will love. Frozen 2 is all the rage right now and this Frozen 2 Personalized Book is perfect for your Frozen lover.

Disclosure: We received a book in exchange for this post.

Just input a name, a personalized message and a photo (optional) and the company does the rest.

Don’t worry, the book won’t spoil the movie, it’s not an exact replica of the story in Frozen 2. It’s just another tale with all the Frozen friends, starring your child.

As you can see from the photo below, the book was personalized for my youngest daughter Aria. It says her name on the front and at the back of the book is a photo of her and her name again. I showed a page from the book too so you could see that it’s not just a simple book with few words but a real story that can be enjoyed past age 6 even so it’s not just for little kids.

Frozen 2 Personalized Book from In The Book

Make sure you check out In the Book because not only do they have other books with other characters to choose from but they have a small section of adult books you can buy as gifts as well. They also have books from babies to teenagers, boys and girls. Give it a try.

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