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Foam Alive and Stretchy Sand

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Incredible Novelties has two products they think your kids will love: Foam Alive and Stretchy Sand.

Disclosure: We received product in exchange for a post. Affiliate links included.

Foam Alive

Foam Alive Blue from Incredible Novelties

Foam Alive is a soft, squishy foam that you can play with without getting all messy, sticky or wet. Best of all, it’s not hard to clean up and it never dries out. They way it moves is so cool, you’ll love seeing it flow through your fingers.

It’s wheat free, casein free and gluten free.

It comes in containers by itself or the ice cream factory and can be found at stores like Indigo, Mastermind Toys, Walmart, Giant Tiger, Staples, Home Hardware and more.

See it in Action

Stretchy Sand

Stretchy Sand by Incredible Novelties

Stretchy Sand is another sand product. It comes in 500 gram containers and in different colours. It’s solid like clay, flowy like sand and stretchy like slime, it’s so unique! Play with it like you would slime but it won’t leave a mess. Non-toxic.

See it in Action

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