Manuelito Graphic Novel

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I read my first graphic novel last month and it was one designed for kids from Annick Press. Let me share with you.

Disclosure: We received a copy of this book in exchange for a review. This post contains affiliate links.


A book review of Manuelito by Elisa Amado (Graphic Novel)Annick Press (2019)
104 pages

Summary: Thirteen-year-old Manuelito is a gentle boy who lives with his family in a tiny village in the Guatemalan countryside. But life is far from idyllic: PACs―armed civil patrol―are a constant presence in the streets, and terrifying memories of the country’s war linger in the villagers’ collective conscience. Things deteriorate further when government-backed drug gangs arrive and take control of the village. Fearing their son will be forced to join a gang, Manuelito’s parents make the desperate decision to send him to live with his aunt in America.

Although the story of Manuelito is not specifically based on a true story, it might as well be. The book was written based on experience with refugees like Manuelito and the circumstances surrounding his life and path to America is like that of many real people.

I have to say that although I generally don’t like graphic novels (which is why this was my first full read) I enjoyed this one. The story was riveting and although the illustrations were mere sketches it somehow seemed perfect. The boy’s life is harsh and full of negative things so it seems right somehow that the illustrations aren’t all colourful and bright

If you want your kids to learn how well off they are, how others suffer or what some people have to go through to live in America (or Canada) this is a great book. But be advised that they might be upset about it once they realize things like this really happen.

This book is designed for ages 12+

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