5 Ways to Balance Work and Life for a Winning Week

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This is a guest post by Mianna K about having a good work-life balance. Please comment below on how you keep a good work-life balance.

5 Ways to Balance Work and Life

Maintaining a work-life balance is essential for a person who wants to have a successful career while also making sure they don’t jeopardize their everyday life harmony. Balancing work and life will allow you to be happy and satisfied at the office while improving your well-being, and making sure your mental and emotional health are in check. In the myriad of helpful tips, we’ve listed a few most efficient that’ll help you create the perfect work-life harmony.

Feel free to excommunicate sometimes

Being constantly online can easily drain you of all your energy. Just think about all those social networks you’re logged into, your various e-mails, and all the message apps you use on a daily basis, and you’ll realize that the majority of your time sometimes goes precisely on texting, e-mailing, or posting on various media. Therefore, think about unplugging from time to time, to recharge and connect with your inner self. Being connected constantly, won’t give you enough space for other thoughts, and will stress you out often. Therefore, excommunicating and turning your phone and computer off for a few hours (or even days when you go to a vacation) can be highly therapeutic, allowing other maybe more important things to resurface.

Make time for yourself

Make Time For Yourself

Your work shouldn’t be your entire world, so you need to fit in some you time in the schedule as well. Most importantly, you need to eat regularly no matter how busy you are. Often times we skip a meal during the day simply because we overwork ourselves, and either we forget to eat, or we keep putting it off until there’s no more time and we actually don’t have lunch at all. A sufficient amount of vitamins, fibres, and enzymes is essential for your well-being, so do your best to slow down, and eat regularly.

Getting enough sleep is another essential aspect of a healthy life that’ll contribute to you being more efficient at work. Sleeping at least eight hours a night will benefit both your health and your work, so forget about that late-night typing on your computer, because work is not the most important thing – your well-being is. To make sure you are not stressed out too much, and that you can easily find your centre, feel free to start meditating at least for 15 minutes a day. Practising yoga can also be good for you because you’ll learn how to isolate all the negativity from your mind and focus easily on what needs to be done.

Take care of your fitness

Take Care Of Your Fitness

Physical activity is of great importance for your well-being, which is why you should find at least half an hour every day to workout. If 30 minutes is too long, then don’t do it all at once, but spend 15 minutes in the morning to stretch, do a series of push-ups, lunges, and squats, and maybe go for a 15-minute jog in the evening. Swimming is also a good idea as well as riding a bike. To make sure you’re making the most out of your workouts while also taking care of your nutrition, feel free to add the best whey protein concentrate to your post-workout nutrition. The supplements will help you stay energized after a strenuous workout, allowing you to destress much better.

Furthermore, workouts are not the only way to take care of your fitness. Using stairs instead of elevators, walking or riding a bike to work instead of driving are also great ways to stay active during the day. Think outside the box, and schedule a meeting with a client at the gym, or maybe walk your dogs together to have a conversation about your business plans.

Get your priorities straight

When you think about the most important thing in life, what comes to your mind? If it’s work, you need to rethink that and get your priorities straight. Your work should always come after your health and your family, so when you feel like all you’re doing is spending time at the office, and when you’re outside of your workplace you still constantly contemplate about work, it’s time for you to make a change. Cut down your working hours, and learn how to prioritize work tasks. Also, try to spend more time with the people you love. Go out on picnics, call a friend over for coffee or go to the movies and socialize. Don’t be available 24/7 to your boss, because no matter how important work is, you also have a life outside the office.

Give up on activities that make you less efficient

Meaningless activities like constantly checking your Facebook or Instagram feed will keep you less efficient, taking precious time out of your hands. Instead of thinking about what your friends posted on social media during your office hours, keep the Facebook tab on your computer closed, and turn off Instagram notifications until you’re off work. Think about all the activities that don’t enhance your life or career and cut back on them, to make sure your every day is productive.

Final thoughts

Balancing work and life can be challenging, but if you do your best to learn it, you’ll live a happier and healthier life. Therefore, consider some of the aforementioned tips, and stop living a hectic life, but make your every day harmonious.


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