Ooz-o’s Slimy Spheres #Oozos

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If your kids like to experiment and get messy, Ooz-o’s Slimy Spheres are perfect. They come in multiple varieties so you can pick which one is best for your kids.

Different Types of Ooz-o's Slimy SpheresDisclosure: I received product in exchange for this post. Contains affiliate links.

Ooz-o’s Slimy Spheres

Pick your type and then follow the instructions to make and then break these slimy spheres. Drop the oozing parts back into the activator to make smaller balls. Check out this YouTube video to see how it works.  Please note that mixing the base takes an hour (it looks quicker in the video) so start the process then go find something to do for a bit and come back.

Recommended for Ages 6+ but you would need an adult to help someone that young. 12+ could probably do it by themselves. 

I also recommend you clean the table you will be making them on so you don’t spill the activator or gel on something important and to make cleanup easier. Have an adult present to help if needed or at least supervise so no one tries to eat the balls.

Kids love getting messy so this is the perfect gift to allow them to do that. The monster Oozos have a surprise center the other ones don’t have.

Buy from Michaels, Walmart, Target or Amazon (below). There are varieties on Amazon that you can’t find instore.

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