New Children’s Picture Books

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Here are some picture books we recently added to our collection. All three books were enjoyed by my 4 and 7 year old (and me of course!) We recommend all three.

Disclosure: We received these book in exchange for this post which also contains affiliate links.

New Children’s Picture Books

Move It, Miss Macintosh! by Peggy Robbins Janousky

Move It Miss Macintosh by Peggy Robbins JanouskyAnnick Press (2016)
Ages 4-7

Summary: It’s the first day of school and Miss Macintosh is certain about one thing: she isn’t going! As she snuggles back under the covers, the doorbell rings. In comes Mr. Bellweather, the school principal who assures her that all kindergarten teachers have first day jitters.

Soon, other teachers arrive to help get her out the door. Mrs. Burger, the lunch lady, makes sure she has a good breakfast; Mrs. Sketcher, the art teacher, helps her pick out clothes. Still, Miss Macintosh is anxious. What if she can’t find her class? What if no one likes her?

When she finally stands at the front of her class, she can tell that the children are nervous too. That’s when she comes up with an idea to put everyone at ease — including herself.

A perfect read-aloud to children who may be anxious about school, this book will get them laughing — and reassure them — as they get ready for the big day.

We loved this one. The names of the other teaching staff was perfect for their job (like how Mrs. Burger is the lunch lady.) I love that this shows that teachers can be nervous on the first day of school too. This would be a great back to school book for either parents or the teacher to read.

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Anna at the Art Museum by Hazel Hutchins & Gail Herbert

Anna at the Art Museum by Hazel Hutchins & Gail HerbertAnnick Press (2018)
Ages 4-7


Going to the art museum with her mom is no fun at all for Anna. Everything is old and boring and there are so many rules: Don’t Touch! Do Not Enter! Quiet! A vigilant guard keeps a close eye on the energetic little girl, but even so, Anna manages to set off an alarm and almost tip over a vase.

A half-open door draws Anna’s attention, but the No Entry sign means yet again that it’s off-limits. This time, however, the guard surprises her by inviting her to go in. Here she finds a “secret workshop” where paintings are being cleaned and repaired. Staring out from one of the canvases is a girl who looks grumpy and bored―just like Anna herself. With the realization that art often imitates life, Anna discovers the sheer joy to be had from the paintings on the wall, especially those that reflect what is happening all around her.

Filled with representations of paintings from many world-class galleries, this charming book is the perfect prelude to a child’s first visit to an art museum.

Art lovers will find this to be a great book for their children’s collections. Anna is bored at the museum until she really starts to see the art. The back of the book talks about the real paintings that are found throughout the book, and the history behind them. This would be a great book to read to a class or to your family before visiting the art museum.

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Sweet Dreaming by Julia Rawlinson

Sweet Dreaming by Julia RawlinsonSourcebooks Jabberwocky (2018)
Ages 3-6


“I can’t sleep!” said Molly.
“You can,” said her Mom.
“Just think of a story and sleep will soon come…”

When Molly can’t fall asleep, her Mom has the perfect remedy: a soothing bedtime story! Mom dreams up a variety of sleep-inducing scenarios, but Molly manages to find something exciting and energizing in each one. Eventually, Mom’s stories work, just not in the way she expects…

What a sweet before bed book. The back and forth between Molly and her mom reminds me of conversations I’ve had before bed. The illustrations are soothing and this is a nice quiet book before sleep time.

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