Massive Monster Mayhem

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Do your kids watch Massive Monster Mayhem? If so (or they just like to play fight,) I’ve got some toys your kids are going to want.

I received these toys in exchange for this post. Contains affiliate links.

What is Massive Monster Mayhem?

Massive Monster Mayhem is the ultimate action-packed adventure game show starring the greatest Massive Monster Superstars in the universe versus three real kid heroes! Each episode features Master Mayhem and his team of monsters as they battle to take over our planet. Three real kid heroes step into the action and compete in three challenges for a chance to win awesome prizes, save the planet and become Earth’s Champion!

You can find the show on Family Channel weekends at 7:30 am ET

Massive Monster Mayhem Toys

Massive Monster Mayhem has just released a line of toys to go with the show. Now your kids can battle it out like they do on TV but don’t worry, with these toys they can battle safely.

There are figurines, foam weapons and these cool sets that allow your child to dress up and have battles without anyone getting hurt.

Massive Monster Mayhem ToysEach armor set comes with a hat/helmet and a set of two gloves, all made of material that you can blow up and is full of air. Listed for ages 3-12, I’d say more like 5-12. There are two different sets of armor. Have two of your kids suit up and go at it in your yard. Let them get it out of their system in a safe way!

Another MMM toy is the Massive Moon Ball which is a 5 foot diameter blow up ball. So fun!

Massive Monster Mayhem Moon Ball

In Canada you can find the toys exclusively at ToysRUs whereas in the US you can find them on Amazon (below.)

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