How to Keep The Kids Entertained Over Christmas

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Today’s Guest Post is about keeping your kids happy during Christmas, something every parent has to worry about. Thanks to Emily and please check out her author bio to find out more about her.

How To Keep the Kids Entertained Over Christmas

How to Keep the Kids Entertained Over Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time of year for everyone, but it can also be a very busy time for adults. That’s why it’s important to have plenty activities prepared for your children to keep them amused whilst you get on with preparing food and wrapping presents. Here, we take a look at some affordable and easy activities kids can do at home during the holiday season.

1. Let them Help You

Young kids love getting involved with everything mom and dad are doing. You could let them help with simple food preparation, or even let them look through a book and choose a recipe they want to make. Then, they can relax and watch a movie with their snacks whilst you get on with the rest of the prep!

2. Play in the Snow

Kids love playing in the snow, but it can get a little boring if all they do is build snowmen. There are loads of great games and activities you can play in the snow to make it more interesting. You can even use a bowl of snow to make ice cream! Instead of having a snowball fight, kids can play dodgeball using snowballs instead of regular balls. Kids can even make a game out of building their snowman. You can either stand a few feet from the snowman and take turns to throw a hat onto his head, or blindfold the kids and let them try and ‘pin the nose on the snowman’.

3. Decorate the Tree

If you have young children and don’t want them playing with the Christmas decorations, you can get them their own mini tree to decorate. Alternatively, get a felt tree and pin it on the wall or door and let them stick the decorations on. If you’re feeling creative, get a large roll of paper and cut out a tree shape. Then, draw or print some decorations and put some Blue Tack on the back. This means the kids can redecorate their tree as often as they like without damaging yours.

4. Get Crafting

Depending on the ages of your children, you might be able to let them do some Christmas crafts alone. Alternatively, you can prepare activities for them – lay out everything they will need and take care of all the difficult parts such as cutting. Then, let them have some fun whilst you get on with other jobs!

5. Create a Fort

Kids of all ages love fort building! If your children are younger you can help them, and for older kids you can get out all the blankets and let them get creative. To make it more Christmassy, get some string lights to light up the inside of the den! Once the den is ready, give your children a picnic and their favorite toys and they are sure to stay inside for hours! They will love playing imaginary games or just chilling out. A great alternative to this is indoor camping – set a tent up indoors and let the kids sleep in it for a night!

Author Bio

Emily Dick is a writer and blogger who is currently writing for new parenting website Whooops-A-Daisy. Here, she writes about a wide range of topics, including reviews of the best products and toys for babies and children of all ages. Emily is a mom of one, a toddler girl named Daisy who is the inspiration behind the blog.

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