#Stikbot Dinos and Mega Dinos

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Remember Stikbot, the cool toy from Zing! that lets kids make their OWN stop-motion movies? Well they recently released Stikbot Dino eggs that contain one of six different dinos AND Mega Dinos which are double the size of the regular dinos which is good because they are bigger than the regular people sized figures.

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Make Dinosaur Movies with Stikbot Dinos

Disclosure: We received Stikbot Dinos in exchange for this post. This post contains affiliate links.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Stikbot toys you should know that they are poseable figures that your child can pose and make stop-motion movies with by alternately moving the figure and then taking photos using the Stikbot App.  (If anyone is wondering, in the photo above, the blue dinosaur is giving birth to the green one – my daughter’s idea.)

You can also get a green screen (see the photo above) that works with the app so you can add different backgrounds.  You can also add special effects and music and then share your creation on social media. Just search using the #Stikbot hashtag to see other people’s creations.

If you are really serious about making dino movies look for the Stikbot Dino Movie Set which is a three dimensional movie set with imaginative, detailed accessories including stick-om wardrobes for the stars.

Stikbot also recently introduced “Dino Planet”, a brand new weekly original series on Stikbot Central (YouTube) based on three Stikbot dinos living in the Jurassic time-period. There are also other series if dinos aren’t you’re (or your child’s) thing.

Make Dinosaur Movies with Stikbot Dinos

You can get your own dinos at Amazon.com (see below widget) or at Walmart or Indigo in Canada or Target or Walmart in the US.

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