Master a Million Bounces!

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Jakks Pacific wants your children to see if they can master a million bounces with their new toy. Challenge your child to bounce a ball a MILLION times before the year is up.

Master a Million Bounces with Jakks Pacific


Disclosure: We received a few balls to test out and play with in exchange for an honest review.

Master a Million Bounces

We had tons of fun playing with our red and yellow balls. They bounce very easily and keep track of each and every bounce. They kept up to all our bouncing up and down our cement sidewalk with no visible wear and tear.

When you bounce the ball the back screen lights up so you can see what number it counts. When it stops bouncing,  the screen goes blank until the next bounce.

PLUS, you can connect your mobile device to the ball with an app to track your bounces and compare to the rest of the world.

Master a Million Bounces with Jakks Pacific The App

You can totally use the ball without the app if you want to. But if you do want to let the kids compare their score and earn badges, you simply connect your ball to your phone, after you download the app.

Master a Million Bounces App

You open up the ball and hook it to the headphones jack on your phone. Press a button and it updates your bounces. There are achievements you can unlock too. But if you want to keep them off the electronics you can just buy each of your kids their own balls and let them compete with each other.

For an added math lesson, challenge your child to figure out how many bounces they would need to make a day to get to a million bounces by a certain date.

Where to Buy: You’ll find these balls at Walmart, Amazon, Target, PartyCity, ToysRUs and more

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