Zing Tumblstix and Zing Spin Circuits

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Zing has two new toys that are like fidget spinners elevated. Toys you can play with your hands has been the new trend for a while and it’s interesting to see the new ones that come out.

Zing Tumblstix and Zing Spin Circuits

Zing Tumblstix

Tumblstix is a small, weighted stick that plays with balance. Balance and catch the stick while it rolls 360-degress. Do tricks or create your own tricks. Includes LED lights for fun visual effects.

For this one you will need a hard surface in front of you like a table or desk.

Ages 4+, Retails $7.99 US or $10.00 CAN

How it Works

Spin Circuit

Spin Circuits looks very similar to a “fidget spinner” in that it has three prongs but with the press of a button you can get 20 different preprogrammed LED light patterns while you are spinning.

It comes with a spin pin that you can use to stack them to any zing spinner to create more combos.

Ages 4+, Retail $9.99 US or $14.99 CAN

How it Works


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