A Game for the Little Ones and the Big Ones

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I have two game suggestions for you for two different age groups.

Young ones will like the Pull My Finger game while the older crowd will have fun (and learn new things) with the Fake News or Not Game.

Disclosure: I received these games in exchange for their feature here. This post contains affiliate links.

Pull My Finger

This game is hilarious fun for kids who are in the bodily functions are funny stage. For ages 4+, you take turns pulling his finger while his butt inflates until one time he just blows (aka farts.)

I just know my 6 and 11 year old will think it’s hilarious as they are always giggling at words like butt and poop. Game play is very simple so those kids just learning how to play will be able to handle it.

Pull My Finger Game

Fake News or Not

This game was more my style but then I’m an adult. This game is recommended for ages 13+ although I let my 10 year old play and she beat us all! Those 10-13 might need more explanations of the words and situations.

Each card has the start of a news story and then is followed by the correct answer and three incorrect answers. If the correct answer is listed as A, then what follows are three Bs. If the correct answer is B, before that is three As. The reason for this is that when it’s your turn you pick one of the three incorrect stories to read aloud and try to trick your opponents.

This is a good game for a large group of people and it varies between types of stories and timer periods they happened in. This was a lot of fun but there is a lot of reading.

Fake News or Not Game

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