5 Ways to Use Kids CozyPhones

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I told you about CozyPhones last month but I want to talk to you about them again.

I want to bring your attention to Kids CozyPhones and the many ways you could use them.

5 Ways to Use Kids CozyPhones

I’m going to share with you 5 ways your child can use his or her Kids CozyPhones. But first…

What are CozyPhones?

If you haven’t heard of them yet, they are the next generation of headphones designed to fit comfortably and not fall out of your ears. They are so comfortable you can sleep with them in!

CozyPhones were originally designed for adults but as they became more popular the creator had someone design some more kid friendly bands with characters on them. Most of the designs were created for CozyPhones but they just recently added Paw Patrol CozyPhones!

This little video shows you how the idea for kids CozyPhones came about:

 5 Ways to Use Kids CozyPhones

5 Ways to Use Kids CozyPhones

Once you’ve ordered your pair and given it to your child(ren) encourage them to use their CozyPhones in these ways.

Play Learning Games

Set your child up at the laptop or with a tablet or phone (for a short while!) with learning apps to practice whatever they need extra help on.

Listen to Audio Books

Same as above but have them listen to audio books. If they are using a phone they can tuck it into their pocket and listen while doing chores or while laying in bed (because CozyPhones are comfy!)

Do Their Homework

Sometimes homework includes internet research (nowadays at least) so plug the in so they can concentrate on their study without disturbing others or getting side tracked by house noise.

Watching Movies During Travel

Kids are lucky today as I certainly couldn’t watch a movie during a family trip. Hook them up to the car TV so they can watch and if they fall asleep during the movie it’s okay because it’s comfortable to sleep in.

Listen to Music

Your kids love music that you hate? Let them listen to it with CozyPhones on so you don’t have to hear it!

 5 Ways to Use Kids CozyPhones

Buy Your Own CozyPhones

You can purchase your own pair at the Cozy Phones website.

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