Playing with Thumb Chucks

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We had the pleasure of trying out a new toys called Thumb Chucks. Think nun-chucks that are kid safe and light up as well.

Playing with Thumb Chucks

Thumb Chucks

Thumb Chucks are like a yo-yo in that you can do special cool tricks with them. You can make up your own or check out the website or the app to try cool tricks made up by the Thumb Chucks company.

Thumb Chucks are portable so take them with you anywhere. They are also lightweight and so easy for children to handle. If you drop it (which you will) it just bounces around like a bouncy ball so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

The coolest part is definitely the LED lights inside the balls which come in blue, red, green and orange. They flash whenever the balls hit something (your hand or the floor) or move a lot and you can even detach the balls and mix and match if you want.


Advanced Tricks

I’d show you a video here of me doing the tricks except I’m not any good at them yet! So here is a video of someone who DOES know what he’s doing, doing an advanced trick so you can see what the balls are capable of.


Where to Buy

Thumb Chucks are available in the US (Zing.Store, ToysRUs, Amazon and Meijer) and Canada (ToysRUs, Mastermind Toys, Walmart and Amazon) for $9.99. Find out more here.


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