Three New Toys from Hexbug #HGG16

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Hexbug, the company that brings you tech toys that are see through so you can watch it work has three new toys this year. Two of them are for a whole new demographic, the TODDLER.

Disclaimer: These toys were received in exchange for this post. All opinions are honest.

Introducing the Hexbug Cuddle Bots. Your Firefly or Bumble Bee will move forward along the ground by vibrating. Its designed for ages 18-36 months and so is perfectly safe for them. It’s too big to swallow with no small pieces and as it scoots across the floor, your child will most likely gladly follow it around. Its made of durable material so if your 2 year old picks it up and drops it it won’t break. Best of all, Batteries Included!


In the same toddler line is the Hexbug Nano Junior which is a bigger version of the Hexbug Nano. This is the one that looks like a bug in that it has many skinny legs. But this version is big enough to not be swallowed. Toddlers are not too young to play with tech toys! This toy is also for ages 18-36 months (although I’m giving one to my 5 year old and I’m sure he’ll enjoy it too and I won’t have to worry about his little sister getting a hold of it!)



Check it out!

The other new toy is a new water Hexbug. The Hexbug Aquabot Wahoo is the fastest Hexbug yet. It propels itself through water super fast, spinning and circling all around. It comes with it’s own water tank so it’s like having a pet fish that you don’t have to worry about feeding or it passing away. That’s exactly what I’m telling my son when I give it to him, it’s like a pet fish.

Best of all, it comes with a battery in it, PLUS two extra batteries!



All these toys and more are available anywhere toys are sold for the most part. Find out more at

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