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Canadian Alcohol from BlackFly

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BlackFly brings lots of Canadian drink choices to most of Canada and a few US states.

BlackFly creates a variety of products from Vodka Cranberry to Tequila Margarita to Whisky Sour to Rum Mojito.

Disclosure: I received samples to test and review. All opinions are mine.

blackfly-tequila-margaritaWe received Tequila Margarita and Whisky Sour to test.

I was pleased that the Tequila Margarita came in plastic bottles which are recyclable. No worries about accidentally swiping your drink to the floor, it won’t smash. Not only that but a lot of other great ideas are incorporated in BlackFly drinks:

  • Wide mouth bottles so you can fit ice cubes right in,
  • Resealable lids
  • Uses real ingredients such as real cane sugar as opposed to high fructose corn syrup.

The drinks are less sweet than other drinks of a similar nature. This was intentional and will be appreciated by those who prefer a drink that isn’t overly sweet. If that’s not you though, expect it to be more sour than you are used to.

For a unique look at how BlackFly drinks are made, you can check out a video on their homepage from the Food Network show Food Factory.

Where to Buy: Available in Canada (except Nunavut and Quebec) as well as Illinois, Arkansas, Alabama and Massachusetts.

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