VTech Baby Amaze Peek and Learn Doll

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This incredibly cute and interactive doll (seen below) is from VTech and is called the Baby Amaze Peek and Learn Doll.

I received this toy in exchange for an honest review.

VTech Baby Amaze Peek and Learn Doll

This cute doll is truly interactive with over 60 phrases and songs programmed into it’s little body, your child (and you) will never get sick of the hearing the same phrase over and over again. You can see some of it’s phrases below in my video review.

It even knows how to play peek a boo! That’s right it knows if it’s hands are in front of it’s eyes and it even knows it’s left from its right hand. Not many dolls can say that! It’s pretty cool, even my older kids have been found playing with it.

It’s designed for ages 2-5 and my 2 year old received it for her birthday and she loves it. Of course she loves all dolls right now. But still, I think that one has a chance at lasting longer than the others because of its interactive-ness.

Check it out.

The doll has four buttons, one on each foot, one on it’s belly and one on the heart on it’s chest. Each button can be pushed multiple times for many different sayings. We’ve had the doll for 2 weeks now and we haven’t heard it say many of the same things. It say things like I cover my eye with my right hand and Let’s try a banana and This is my right foot and this is my heart and come along I love to play with you.

This doll is available starting Spring 2016 at Toys R Us Canada only.

The doll is also compatible with the VTech 3-in-1 Care and Learn Stroller which is a Stroller, High chair and bassinet in one.

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