Fuller House Coming February 26!

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Readers should already know how much I love Full House thanks to a recent post but now I’m a fan of Fuller House as well.

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As a Netflix Streamteam member I get access to special perks including being able to watch the first six episodes of the Netflix Original Fuller House before it’s available to everyone else. I’m not allowed to spill the beans but I will say that it’s like watching Full House in a different dimension!



The kids have watched every episode of Full House about 60 times each so it was about time for something new! They were super smart to make Fuller House, it will be super popular I just know it.


As a Streamteam member, I have access to a special video you are going to enjoy with the stars of Fuller House sharing how they are adjusting to their new roles as well as what their perfect Netflix night in would be.


Which is my favourite character out of the NEW characters? Max, the middle son for sure. Who am I most excited to see back? Stephanie Tanner. Why? She was young still when season 8 of Full House ended so it’s nice to see how she might have turned out when she grew up.

Fuller House

Netflix has also created some special Netflix collections to celebrate the Fuller House release. Check them out:

· TV Time for the Fam: www.netflix.com/familytv

· Fuller House and Other Fave Fams: www.netflix.com/fullhousetofuller

· Supermoms Like DJ Fuller: www.netflix.com/djfuller

· Steph Tanner Presents “How Rude” TV: www.netflix.com/stephtanner

· Kimmy Gibbler and Other Pesky Friends: www.netflix.com/kimmygibbler

Mark your calendar for FEBRUARY 26th  2016 – the date Fuller House is LIVE

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