The Cold Weather and Pets #PetWellnessMonth

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October is Pet Wellness Month and with the cold weather arriving here in Canada there are some pet safety tips you should keep in mind. PetSafe made this infographic to help spread the word. Consider sharing with a friend!

There are quite a few that you might not have thought about when it comes to preparing for cold weather with your pets.

Pet Wellness Month Cold Weather and Pets Infographic from PetSafe

Did you think of all those safety tips? I’ve seen the one about wiping their paws to get the salt and snow away first hand. My dog had sore paws from the salt pieces getting stuck up in his paws.

The one about antifreeze being a lethal poison is arguably the most important because everyone uses it in sub zero weather. The one about the fire place I didn’t even know about!

If you have a pet, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe so you should do your best to find out about potential problems and take all possible routes to keep them safe.



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