Young Hercules: The Complete Series

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Young Hercules: The Complete Series

The full series of Young Hercules is on DVD for the first time EVER! Shout! Factory brings you all 50 episodes on a 6 DVD set. Also included is a bonus featurette titled Writing the Legend of Young Hercules.

Starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Conrad and Dean O’Gorman, the young Hercules struggles to find his place in the world and learn what it means to be a hero.

Young Hercules DVD

The DVD has a total run time of 18.3 hrs. The show originally aired 1998-1999.

Be warned that the style of show it is, it will seem a bit corny considering the amazing affects and acting we have now. But if you liked the show when it originally aired or you like all things Hercules, you’ll enjoy the show.

As it’s supposed to be a prequel to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys it keeps the same actors for the Gods and Goddesses.

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