Introducing Dreamworks DinoTrux on Netflix

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Starting August 14, 2015 a new show is coming to Netflix called DinoTrux!

Dreamworks Dinotrux on Netflix

DinoTrux Synopsis:

Welcome to a world of giant creatures that are half dinosaur, half construction vehicle and all awesome in DINOTRUX, the Netflix original series from DreamWorks! Meet Ty Rux, a massive Tyrannosaurus Trux, and his best friend Revvit, a razor-sharp Reptool. Together, the Dinotrux and Reptools join forces for the first time ever to build a bigger, better world and battle back against the biggest and baddest of them all: D-Structs, who threatens to wreck everything they’ve built.

As part of the Netflix StreamTeam, my son Liam and I got a chance to watch a screener copy of the first episode of DinoTrux which you will be able to see yourself on Netflix Aug 14. In fact the whole season one will be available on that date

The show is based on the award-winning children’s book series by Chris Gall.

My son, who is 4 seemed riveted the entire time the episode played. He’s a little young to give me good feedback to write about but I can totally see him watching this when it’s available.

It reminded me a bit of transformers even though the trux do not change form at any time. However there are dinosaur transformers and truck transformers which is why I think it reminds me of it.

As a mother, the lessons of bullying being bad and working together being good and accepting others differences are lessons I want my children to see. The lessons were clear to me but it didn’t seem like a lesson to my son, it was just a fun show to him. That’s the best way to share lessons with our kids I think.

Dreamworks Dinotrux on Netflix

Although dinosaurs and trucks are typically thought of as “boy” interests I definitely can see my daughters watching this show if they were just a bit younger. Girls can be just as interested in dinosaurs and trucks and if your daughter is, she will love this show too.

One warning is that unlike many other dinosaur shows for kids, when the T-Rex Truxes roar, it’s a loud scary roar. My son didn’t seem to mind but if your little one is sensitive she or he may be scared of the T-rexes when they roar at each other. You’ll just have to try it and see.

Catch it on Netflix on August 14!

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