5 Places NOT to use your Cell Phone

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5 Places NOT to use your Cell Phone (except perhaps as a camera)

5-places-not-to-use-your-cellphoneCell phones should not be used everywhere. Here are five examples of where NOT to use your cell phone.

  1. During religious services

  2. During family game night (unless using a dictionary for scrabble)

  3. On date night

  4. While at a play date or playgroup with the kids

  5. During childbirth

Smart phones are great inventions and since there is an app for everything you can use it in many different ways. However sometimes people get carried away and forget their manners which is why this month is Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

Please remember when you are visiting with other people, that playing with your phone is not really visiting with them. Put it away unless absolutely necessary and excuse yourself if you need to make a call, text or check something else.

Mindfulness has to do with being in the moment. When you are eating an orange, eat the orange. Enjoy the juiciness, the flavour, the texture. Don’t think about your to-do list. By the same token, when you are at date night or family game night, religious services or a play date, enjoy the moment. Really BE where you are. Don’t have your head constantly stuck in your phone.

It should be an added resource to your life, NOT an extension of your hand.

Additionally, please keep your phone conversations to an appropriate level. I know sometimes it’s hard to hear on phones but yelling so loud that everyone in the nearby block can hear your private conversations is rude. If you can’t hear, call back later or text.

Finally, don’t walk and text. Bumping into someone because you were texting is rude and possibly painful and even worse if you walk into a whole or a wall.

Basically just use common sense and think about if what you are doing would be annoying if someone else were doing it to you.

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