What Kids Think About Lying #StreamTeam

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I was inspired to see what my kids think about lying from this month’s #StreamTeam subject which is lying. I think starting a conversation like this with your children is a good way to see what they are thinking. It may also give you ideas of where you need to have more of a talk about life.

What Kids Think About Lying

What Kids Think About Lying

Both of the children are girls. A is 8 and M is 9. Answers are typed up as the kids said them.

Q: Do you think it’s okay to lie

A – Depends on what it is. Older boys and girls if they are putting on dresses and fancy suits and the boy doesn’t like the dress and she asks how it is, the boy can say something nice about the dress.
M – No because if you lie people won’t trust you to do other things and you won’t get to do more mature things.

Q: Do you think adults lie?

A – Sometimes.
M – Yes because if a man has a new girlfriend and she asks something, the boy might lie so he doesn’t lose his girlfriend.

Q: In M’s example (above), would you want the boy to tell you the truth or lie so he doesn’t hurt your feelings?

M – I would rather want a boyfriend that tells the truth and doesn’t pretend all the time.
A – I would rather him tell the truth and tell me he doesn’t like it that much than to lie. I’d break up with him.

Q: How do you feel after you tell a lie?

M – Sick
A – Guilty. If I broke something of someone else’s and I look at them and they look sad, then I feel sad too.

Q: What should you do if you tell a lie and then feel bad about it?

M – Tell an adult what you did and try to make things right
A – Go back to the person you lied to and tell the truth.

Q: Is saying nothing the same thing as telling a lie? For example if your mom asks who broke the vase and you know it was you but you say nothing, is that lying?

A – Yes. (Sub Question: Why?) Because you are still not admitting that you broke the vase.
M – And if someone else says they didn’t, then it’s usually the person who doesn’t say anything that did.

Q: Why do people tell lies?

A – so they won’t get in trouble, so they don’t break up with someone, so they don’t’ hurt someone else’s feeling.
M – They should tell the truth so people don’t think you area  bad person

Q: What age do you think kids start lying?

M – As soon as they can talk clearly and people can understand them.
A – 3 or 4 and up.

Lying on Netflix

To help you out with your talks about lying with your kids or just for fun, Netflix is streaming some shows that feature lying such as:

Shows About Lying on Netflix

For Little Kids

Super Why S1, E15
Curious George S1, E19
Clifford the Big Red Dog S1, E26
The Adventures of Chick & Friends S1, E9

For Big Kids

Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!
H20: Just Add Water
Mean Girls
iCarly S1, E12

For Teens and Adults

Bloodline (NEW Netflix Original!)
Just Go With It
Liar, Lair
Pretty Little Liars

Does anyone in your household which any of these shows?

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and as such I get special perks in exchange for sharing Netflix news. All opinions are mine.

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